Jiu Jitsu

n 1: literally the 'Compliant Art'. An ancient martial art, which relies on the application of technique rather than strength. In the same way that a willow tree bends with the wind, so too should a practitioner of jiu jitsu adapt to the force of the attack and turn it to his or her advantage.Jiu jitsu consists of a wide range of techniques which include joint locks, throws, immobilisations and strikes to nerve points and vulnerable parts. Practice of jiu jitsu encourages awareness, confidence and adaptability to circumstances. These are crucial elements in personal safety.

Cardiff University Jiu Jitsu club is proud to be a member of the Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu Association. Formed in 1995 by the merger of two associations with broadly the same aims, the association exists to serve their members; enabling them to develop their skill in jiu jitsu. There is always someone bigger, stronger, faster, fitter than us, but Aiuchi encourages each individual to make the most of their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. It is not about producing fighters, rather it is about building confidence and helping jitsuka to be as good as they can be.

Aiuchi can be translated literally as "Inner Harmony". This means that it is the combination of body, technique, and mind that is essential to the successful performance of the art. Whilst it is an advantage to have a fit and healthy body, physical strength is of little importance in the mastery of jiu jitsu. Aiuchi doesn't just teach techniques which can be applied against an attacker, but also how your body's movement can be used to give power to those techniques. In Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu speed and power do not arise from physical strength, but are generated by your body's own natural movement, combined with a relaxed attitude and a focused mind.

Although there are many techniques to learn and mastery takes time, there is much which can be learned simply and used quickly if the need arises. The purpose of Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu is to give greater confidence to the user, and to stimulate mental and physical development.

Our first social is on Saturday, starting at 8pm in the Woodville pub (opposite Lidl). Hope to see you all there!
GI order
An order for Gi's is going in very soon, if you haven't already told Jonathan Sutton that you would like 1, please do by next Monday at the latest. If you are unsure about sizes, either ask Smiley, or ask to try on 1 of ours! They will be between £25-£30 each.
New Website
Welcome to our new website! We hope you find all all the information you came looking for, but if you still have any questions then please Contact Us

You can join the club at any time of the year, and once you've joined you can come as often as you wish. If you'd like to come and watch a session to see what we get up to, you can drop by anytime (there's no need to arrange anything beforehand). Someone will be happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can come along in some loose clothing (tracksuit and a t-shirt would be ideal) and get on the mat to have a go. Our term time training sessions are shown below;

Start Finish
Monday 18:00 20:00
Wednesday 18:00 20:00
Thursday 18:00 20:00

You do not have to be a university student to come and train with us, although annual membership charges may be higher for anyone who is not a student at Cardiff University. These charges are imposed by the Athletic Union and are there to provide insurance cover for everyone.

If you are not yet 18 you will need to talk to the club instructors before joining, to ensure that we can comply to the Child Protection Act. As long as you are over 18 there's no upper age limit.

We train in the dojo at Talybont Sports Center

Talybont Sports Centre
Bevan Place
CF14 3UX
P: 029 2087 4675
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Training sessions typically cost £2 for ~2 hours, with an annual club membership charge of £5 (for university students). Courses and sessions taught by visiting instructors may cost more.

After a couple of weeks you will also need to purchase a Gi (training suit), but these are usually available at a reduced cost through the club. We do not expect anyone to purchase before they begin training.

Other costs include an annual license from the Aiuchi Association and grading fees.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our club, our jiu jitsu, or if you any other questions that we haven't answered on the website.